Mental health, social isolation, and financial stress

A pandemic Christmas (podcast interview)

December 17, 2020

One of the exciting new projects I have been involved in is the launch of a new podcast: Real World Public Mental Health. This podcast was developed as a forum to discuss how evidence can be used in the real world to prevent mental health problems and promote better mental health.


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It is hosted by Stu King of the Behavioural Science and Public Health Network in partnership with a bunch of collaborators, including our NIHR Public Mental Health Programme and Public Health England.

I was delighted to participate in the second episode, which has just been released Social isolation, loneliness, and financial strain.

In this episode, I join Ed Davie and Caron Walker to discuss the impact of loneliness, social isolation, and financial strain on mental health problems, with consideration to the influence of COVID-19 and the start of the holiday season. You can listen to the interview here: Real World Public Mental Health podcast

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December 17, 2020
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